There are many ways in which you can sustain personal injury. For example, due to a traffic accident, a medical error, accidents at work, contamination like legionella or an accident in your private surroundings.

As a victim of personal injury, you also have to deal with high injury costs and defendants that attempt to avoid paying compensation for the injury, in addition to the injury actually suffered.

RANDSTAD Letselschade is on your side

RANDSTAD Letselschade is a firm of solicitors with extensive experience in personal injury matters. We act against the other party (mainly large insurance companies) and look after your interests. RANDSTAD Letselschade only assists victims, because we would rather provide assistance to those who genuinely need it than act for an insurer. This is a conscious and principle choice.

Thus, RANDSTAD Letselschade has successfully acted for victims of the attack on Queen’s Day in Apeldoorn (2009), the Disaster in Utrecht (2006) and the Flora disaster (legionella contamination in Bovenkarspel, 1999).

A firm of solicitors can be so much more than a personal injury firm

RANDSTAD Letselschade can take on to large litigants who would otherwise threaten to overwhelm you. If necessary, we can institute action because as a firm of solicitors we litigate ourselves, something that ordinary personal injury firms cannot do. Therefore, insurance companies are more circumspect about solicitors than they are about personal injury firms. This is an important advantage when you make use of our services.


You need not be concerned about costs because these are nearly always recovered from the party that is liable. In most instances our assistance costs you absolutely nothing. Therefore, you also do not pay any extra for the higher quality service that we can provide as a firm of solicitors. This quality is guaranteed by our extensive experience, the many courses we have followed and continue to follow, as well as the supervision of our work by the Netherlands Bar Association.

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